Travel Tales: Why You Need Some Mega Duct Tape


We had just sat down at our campsite’s picnic table to eat a delicious dinner while admiring our fabulous view of the Grand Tetons when my husband caught a glimpse of a travel trailer coming around a bend and said, “I wonder why he’s coming from that direction.” No sooner were the words out of his mouth than we all heard it:

the horrible



sound of travel trailer meeting bathroom structure.

And these happened to be the best campground bathrooms we had encountered on our entire Epic Road Trip of 2019.

Of course, the driver and passenger immediately stopped and got out to assess the damage and their new predicament. The campground owners soon brought over a Bobcat skidsteer to help them extract their trailer. Eventually they were freed from their entanglement with the building and pulled their trailer to their site.

As it happened, that was the site directly next to us. They had just acquired a huge deep gash in their rig that measured several feet long and they were remarkably and admirably calm about it. (I dread to think what we would have been like.) Grandma took the kids to the playground and the couple went about making the necessary calls and setting up camp.

It must be pretty awkward making an entrance like that to a campground when you know everyone has just heard and watched you misjudge a turn.

Of course, you feel somewhat helpless when you see something like that happen. We didn’t have much to offer except for conversation, beer and duct tape. Fortunately, that actually turned out to be just what they needed!

A couple of beers and one massive roll of duct tape later, my husband and the driver had patched up the gash pretty well. The trailer was at least protected from the outdoor elements and the tape (hopefully) provided enough protection to last the rest of their journey home to California. Not sure how the inside fared as it struck right where their kitchen was, but we can only hope it was all fixable! Grandma was heard telling them that it was a good idea to carry duct tape and it’s something we’ve been sure to do ever since.

So, Travel Trailer Lesson #34: make sure to carry extra duct tape because you never know when you or a fellow camper might need some – or a lot!

Stay safe out there!

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  • February 13, 2021 at 2:54 am

    It also stops your verrucas from spreading !


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