The Texture Walk

If you’ve taken your kids out on a nature hike, or even just a walk around your own neighborhood, chances are you’ve probably incorporated some form of game into the experience. The Rainbow Walk, for example, where you try to find something along the way in every color of the rainbow, is a great one. There’s also The Flower Walk, The Animal Walk, The Tiniest Creature Walk and you can make the list go on endlessly.

It’s fun if you can give them a camera so they can document their finds¬†themselves too – I love to see things captured from their perspective!

We tried a Texture Walk, where we set out to take pictures of different natural textures in our neighborhood. We ended up with, among other things, grass, mulch, sand, bark, Spanish moss, leaves, pine needles, crushed shell and the wooden plank of a bridge we cross in the woods. And we snapped a shot of clouds just because they looked so fluffy. It was simple and fun!

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