The Must-Have Camping Journal

One of the most important things about traveling is the memories we create! If you’re anything like I am, you dearly want to hold on to those treasured memories, especially when it comes to your children. Unfortunately, my brain forgets things much more than I’d like so I need to write that stuff down.

When Child #4 came along, I decided I was done with tent camping. Among other things, I craved the relative luxury of a larger sleeping space, a small sink and a stove. Not to mention an on-site toilet for those very urgent toddler needs! That’s when we bought our little pop-up camper in 2012 and as soon as we did, (get ready for an affiliate link) I also bought The Camper’s Journal.

Best. Idea. Ever.

While I fill out some details about when and where we camp, I always ask the kids to write a little something down as we pack up to head home. For young ones, I would transcribe for them, and now my 5-year-old writes her own name and possibly an extra detail, such as “I LOST A TOOTH” as happened on our last trip. (No worries, the Tooth Fairy was somehow able to make it to our camp site and whisk away that tiny tooth and leave behind a little surprise!)

Not only do I love to read everyone’s entries, but the kids like to look back on them too! It prompts their own memories about the good fishing spots, the terrifying tubing trips, the traumatizing safari trips, the jokes they shared, the best playgrounds they found and the most excellent campfires. Sometimes the memories that stand out for them surprise me and that’s why I so love that with this journal, we get to capture a glimpse of each individual’s experience in their own words.

I also keep brochures, tickets and postcards in the journal.

For less than $20, you cannot go wrong with one of these. (And the good news is that they have “A journal for all of your journeys” so there are other beautiful products to choose from! The Traveler’s Journal, for example, if camping’s not your style, The Bucket List or Let’s go see all 50!)



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