Need something on your travels? Amazon to the rescue with Hub Lockers

Have you ever finally reached your destination only to realize that you left something at home? Or maybe you’ve had something break while you’re on your travels? It just so happened that the wheels on two of our kids’ ripstiks broke on our latest road trip. The local Walmart and sporting goods store did not carry replacement wheels and as we do not carry bikes with us, ripstiks are the kids’ favorite way of getting around on their own to explore our campgrounds.

We wondered if maybe we could get an Amazon delivery to our next destination but that was a state park and highly unlikely, especially in times of COVID-19. We looked online and found Amazon Hub Lockers which would deliver the wheels within 48 hours to a nearby Amazon Locker. We would then have three days to pick up our items or they would be returned to Amazon for a full refund. There was nothing to lose!

Sure enough, we placed our order and a couple of days later, we were able to stop at a gas station in a nearby town, use the code emailed to us by Amazon to open the locker and collect our new wheels. We were back in business! Oh, to be alive in the 21st century!

Alas, the process was not entirely without hiccups. Although our order was placed just fine, it turned out that the two sets of wheels were to be delivered in two packages instead of together in one, and would arrive a day apart. We then found out the night before the first was due to arrive that the locker was full and they could not deliver that one set. Oddly, we then simply re-ordered that set of wheels and had them delivered to another nearby locker, at a different gas station. Why they could not use the same locker for both items for the same customer, or why they initially scheduled a delivery to a locker that had no availability is still a bit of a mystery to me but who am I to question Amazon’s ways!

At the end of the day, we got both sets of wheels, the kids are adventurously roving around the campground on their ripstiks and everyone is happy! We’re happy to have discovered this service because it could well come in handy sometime for something more serious and necessary on our travels if local stores don’t have the parts or items we need.

Have you ever used Amazon Hub Lockers on your travels?

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