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Our Story

Chantal & Andrew have lived in England, the Netherlands, France and the US, from California to Colorado and now to Florida.

We love to travel and explore new places! These days, with our 4 children, we especially enjoy camping in Florida state parks and venturing beyond our state borders whenever we can! We wanted to share some of our tales with you and hope you find them both entertaining and useful as you plan your own adventures. Be inspired to get out and explore!

Meet the Family

These are the people who bravely and good-naturedly endure the travel and camping experiences described here and share with you what they did (and sometimes did not) enjoy!



Writer, Photographer, Blogger

Chantal finds cool new destinations for us to check out, loves all things wildlife, generally manages to get dinner on the table, takes way too many pictures, drinks wine, and documents our travels. She never cheats at board games. Well, almost never.


Amateur Herpetologist

SnakeBoy loves all snakes and other reptiles. Aged 13, he is the proud owner of a hypomelanistic California Kingsnake, a bearded dragon and a leopard gecko. He's the one who introduced his mom to the term field herping. He writes some of the reptile reports around here.



Camper Technician, Navigator

Andrew fixes and maintains our gear, plans our routes, picks the campsites and drives at or below the speed limit. (Unlike his speed demon wife!) He teaches the kids poker and chess and holds an especially crucial role: our official bug squasher.

Camping O'Leno and Ichetuckness Springs State Parks


Chief Campfire Officer

FireBoy prides himself on his ability to start a campfire with a single match. Also a snake and reptile owner, he has a deep compassion for all things living, and he is a great wildlife spotter. He may only be 10 but don't let him fool you - he's a mean poker player!



Reader, Writer, Knitter

ReaderGirl is a teenage girl who loves to read, write, and did I mention read? She zips through books like nobody's business. She helps her mom out when she struggles with technology, likes to bake and always brings books on her travels.



Bike Rider Extraordinaire

FierceGirl is motivated to keep up with her older siblings and therefore fears nothing. Except flying insects, actually. Those really aren't popular with her. She hikes, bikes, swims and catches reptiles with the rest of them. She will also hustle you at cards. You've been warned.

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